During the mid 1950s Leukhardt started to work on the construction of transformer stations and the development of the production of switchgear for middle and low voltage systems.

Leukhardt Schaltanlagen GmbH offers power supply solutions worldwide, especially of industry.  Our product spectrum comprises switchgear for middle and low voltage supply, instrumentation and control systems, and service.

Our focus lies in providing personal safety and operational safety through our switchgear.

We combine extensive technical knowledge and long-term experience in many areas of electrical engineering with the typical degree of flexibility offered by a medium-sized company.  The demands of our customers are used in drawing up the systems specifications for our products.  Thus we have created - and shall continue to create - practical product series for industrial applications.

Our strengths include individual project planning, in close cooperation with our customers.

Our specialists’ technical skills form the basis for efficient solutions and for our high degree of flexibility in project management.

No factors have shaped our development more markedly than those of quality, safety and customer-orientation.  These are the focuses of our innovative strengths.

Our company is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

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