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Der EnergieBlock TEB-S kann als Trafoschutzgehäuse oder in Verbindung mit einer Mittel- und/oder Niederspannungs - Schaltanlage als ( Schwerpunktstation ) eingesetzt werden. Der EnergieBlock ist der Mittelspannung anzugliedern, somit ist die Störlichtbogen-Festigkeit ( Pehla - Prüfung ) Stand der Technik. Der EnergieBlock TEB - S  ist Störlichtbogengeprüft mit 31,5 kA / 1 s.

EnergieBlock TEB-S

The EnergieBlock TEB-S can be used as a housing for transformer protection or in connection with a medium and / or Low voltage switchgear as (load substation stations).  The EnergieBlock is connected to the medium voltage, and the resistance to arc faults (IEC 62271-200) is thus achieved.  The EnergieBlock TEB-S is tested with 31.5 kA / 1 s. 

The removable housing comprises of a torsion-resistant cabinet system.  The rear and side elements can be replaced with doors or covers to allow for the subsequent installation of transformers or maintenance activities.  These doors and covers are designed to interlock, enabling the housing to achieve a high level of compressive strength.

These elements are equipped with ventilation gratings for venting the transformers.  This housing is designed for use in both AN and AF operation.  Either an extractor fan or a centrifugal fan will be installed for AF operation.

The necessary control elements for monitoring the transformer and controlling the airflow can be integrated into a recess in the low voltage installation.    

All parts installed are either galvanised, chrome-plated or powder-coated. 

The customer is able to select the top-coat paint from a selection of RAL colours.

Rated value: Primary   Secondary  
Rated operating voltage 12 kV 24 kV 0,69 kV 0,69 kV
Rated power frequency withstand voltage 28 kV 50 kV    
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage 75 kV 125 kV    
Rated current 630 A 630 A 3150 A 3150 A
Rated short-time withstand current 31,5 kA 31,5 kA 100 kA 110 kA
Rated surge withstand strength 80 kA 80 kA 220 kA 242 kA
Rated short-circuit duration 3 s 3 s 1 s 1s
Arc fault test 31,5kA/1s 31,5kA/1s 100kA/0,3s 110kA/0,3s
Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz    
Protection IP 23 IP 23    

Dimensions:   up to 1000 kVA   up to 1600 kVA
Width   1500 mm   1700 mm
Depth   2230 mm   2530 mm
Height   2620 mm   2620 mm




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