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Our total commitment will focus on your switchgear.  The product features are not the only vital aspect in making the right decision - we also offer you a wide spectrum of qualified engineers, services and effective cooperation to make your project work. 

Comprehensive customer support
We offer individual consultancy, work on proposals, planning and project management in order to support our customers in their decision-making processes.

Project management
Professional project management is equally essential, regardless of whether we are working on a small, large, straightforward or highly complex project. Our qualified, experienced and highly motivated employees are our guarantee in providing this degree of professionalism to our customers.

In order to be able to cater for the individual requirements of our customers, we utilise our electrical and mechanical CAE design systems ( EPLAN ) and CAD systems ( LogoCad, AutoCad ) in order to implement customer-specific project planning on the basis of type-tested standards.

Network analyses and network calculations are also included in our spectrum of services.  The calculations required in the assessment of a distribution network, such as short circuit calculations, low-flow computations, selectivity calculations and measurements, such as the harmonic analysis, are all carried out by our employees. 

Network protection / instrumentation and control engineering
  • Parameter assignment for bay controllers and protective devices from a range of manufacturers
  • Commissioning and recurring testing of protective systems from a range of manufacturers
  • Primary and secondary tests
  • Creation of test protocols for set and measured values
  • Parameter assignment, programming and commissioning of SPS applications
  • Parameter assignment, programming and commissioning of energy data acquisition systems
  • Visualisation of energy-related applications (station I&C engineering)
  • User-orientated visualisation in the automation

Installation / commissioning
A highly competent switchgear and commissioning team, equipped with the appropriate qualifications, experience and motivation, will ensure that your switchgear are installed and set up correctly, both domestically and abroad.  Targeted training and the application of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 together enable us to achieve high quality standards, which result in operational, personal and investment safety. 

Documentation / training
Project documentation, including wiring diagrams and mechanical design drawings with change documentation, is compiled using CAE and CAD systems, guaranteeing the customer manufacturing, assembly and commissioning in accordance with planning.  Product conformity is documented in test protocols which comply with IEC / DIN VDE standards and DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

The technical skills of our specialists form the foundations for efficient solutions, right from the advice offered at the proposal stage, across the project management and through to documentation and training.  



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