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Medium voltage switchgear BasisBlock MC3-S

The BasisBlock MC3-S is a air-insulated, factory-assembled, type-tested and metal-enclosed, Single-Busbar-Switchgear in a 3-compartment design for bus bar, switchgear and cable connection.
Vacuum-Circuit-Breakers, Contactors und Load-Break switches with and without HRC fuses will be applied.

Our Medium voltage Switchgear BasisBlock MC3-S is:

  • Metal clad, Metal enclosed, air insulated
  • Rated voltage up to 12 kV, 50/60 Hz
  • Rated current up to 1250 A
  • Rated short-time withstand current up to 25 kA (1 s)
  • Arc fault tested up to 25 kA (1 s)
  • Type-tested to IEC 62271-200, LSC2B-PI, IAC AFL
  • For circuit breakers, contactors and load-break switches with and without HRC fuses
  • Permanent fitting with movable contacts
  • Extendable switching components for maintenance purposes

Sepecial feature of MC3-S
The innovation of this switchgear is the movable contact to create the isolating distance.

Switching compartment:
In the switching compartment the switching component is fix mounted to the baseplate. The position indicator and operating elements of the switch component are directly integrated into the High-Voltage-Door.

The connections of the switching component are conducted through a standard-duct onto the rear contacts. The ceation of the isolating distance occurs through moving the contacts.

The switch position indicator is mechanically coupled with the motor behind the front.

Rated value:    
Rated operating voltage 12 kV  
Rated power frequency withstand voltage 28 kV  
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage 75 kV  
Rated current up to 1250 A  
Rated short-time withstand current 25 kA  
Rated surge withstand strength 63 kA  
Rated short-circuit duration 1 s  
Arc fault test 1 s 25 kA  
Frequency 50/60 Hz  
Protection IP 3X  

Width 800 mm  
Depth 1150 mm  
Height 2200 mm  
Height with electric-arc-deflector 2340 mm  
Required ceiling hight 2840 mm  




Schematic diagram MC3-S
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