Leukhardt Schaltanlagen is a leading company for medium and low-voltage switchgear and controlgear with many years of experience in the fields of energy and electrical engineering. Our core competence lies in the project planning, design and manufacture of customised switchgear and controlgear. These are used worldwide and are designed, developed and produced under the strictest country-specific standards and the high “Made in Germany” safety criteria in our factory in southern Germany. In the distribution of electrical energy, we pay special attention to the safety of people and equipment. Well-known international companies count on the reliability and safety of our switchgear and appreciate our special services. 


Metal-enclosed and metal-clad; air-insulated; type-tested; factory-made; fixed installation or withdrawable technology


Highly-flexible construction system for individual requirements, type-tested; circuit-breakers in fixed-mounted or withdrawable technology

TN 810x632

Protective housing indoor/outdoor

System for cast-resin transformers for outdoor and indoor use; can be combined, as required, with up to 3 modules


We support our customers in making important decisions by providing individual advice, preparing quotations, planning, and project planning.

Our specialists use their many years of experience and knowledge to support customers in the realisation of projects and accompany them throughout the entire project phase. We can draw on over 25 years of experience from national and international projects.

Our project department is at the client's side for the entire duration of the project and takes over the professional project management. This also includes the clarification of interfaces with other trades involved in the project.

The project organisation, consisting of qualified, experienced and motivated employees, takes on all tasks equally for small and large as well as less complicated and complex projects.

To satisfy the individual requirements of our customers, we use type-tested standards such as electrical / mechanical designers CAE systems (EPLAN ) and CAD systems (ProE, Solidworks) for customer-specific project planning.

Network analyses and network calculations also form a part of our engineers' range of services. Our qualified employees carry out the calculations necessary for the evaluation of a distribution network, such as short-circuit current calculation, load flow calculation, selectivity calculation, and measurements such as harmonic analyses.

Electricity supply networks are currently undergoing major changes. The change in power generation towards smaller generation units, i.e. away from a rigid base load power generation towards wind power and solar power plants, leads to a change in the system stability of power supply grids.

To compute and analyse this change and new planning of grid topologies, as well as to ensure the integration of consumers into existing grids, we are set up to do the calculation of medium and low-voltage grids.

The following calculations and analyses are possible:

  • Short-circuit current calculation / analysis

  • Load flow calculation / analysis

  • Selectivity calculation / analysis

  • Voltage drop calculation / analysis

  • Current carrying capacity calculation / analysis

  • Protection relay plans / analysis of relay times

Based on the results of the analysis and the calculations of the current network condition, we then perform the layout and selection of the equipment, after which the predictive network simulation is created in the planning phase. Subsequently, the operational management is supported and the setting values of the protection devices are determined.

This ensures security of supply for the system.


A professional assembly of the delivered plants is necessary to guarantee the operational and personal safety, as well as the reliability of the plant during the distribution of the electrical energy.

Thanks to their qualifications, experience and full commitment, experienced installation teams and site managers ensure the professional installation of the switchgear and controlgear, both at home and abroad.

From planning to transport, and right up to execution, we stand by our customers as a competent partner for the realisation of their projects.

Thanks to the specified quality standards, we ensure that the as-built documentation is available to our customers after completion of the installation activities as part of the overall documentation.


After delivery and installation, the commissioning of the system is one of our services. Smooth operation stands and falls with qualified commissioning of the system.

To comply with the normative requirements and the manufacturer's specifications, these activities must be carried out by trained specialists.

Our commissioning service includes protection technology, plant technology, interfaces to other trades, function tests and documentation.

Our services also include training and instruction of employees as well as factory acceptance tests prior to delivery. 


In addition to personal safety and high availability, the products we manufacture are also characterised by a long service life.

We offer preventive maintenance of our switchgear in order to guarantee high availability, reliability and also so as to ensure compliance with the requirements placed on the operator by Association of Occupational Accident Insurance Funds (DGUV) regulation 3. 

Specially-trained personnel, as well as testing and measuring equipment tailored to the requirements ensure that all maintenance and service work is carried out professionally. This minimises the risk of power supply interruptions.

We create the technical documentation on the basis of CAE (EPLAN) and CAD (ProE, Solidworks).

Our internal document management, which focuses on modularisation, standardisation and structuring of documents, is used to create the documentation requirements.

We offer comprehensive training in the areas of switchgear and controlgear operation, mains protection and protection technology for each project or according to customer requirements. In doing so, we also provide the corresponding training documents.