Leukhardt Schaltanlagen GmbH is a medium-sized company with its headquarters in Immendingen, Southern Germany. We are a traditional company with a motivated and committed team. Loyalty, openness and honest cooperation in a spirit of partnership are our corporate values, which we live by both internally and in our external dealings.

Our core competence lies in the development, planning and project management of switchgear and controlgear for the distribution of electrical energy for the fields of industry, plant construction, energy suppliers, and for public clients. This work is supported by highly qualified engineers from the fields of energy and electrical engineering. The technical know-how leads to own innovative product developments, as well as sophisticated, individual solutions for our customers. The products and services are, designed to meet national and international standards and legal requirements. As such, they fulfil the most diverse needs and changing requirements of global customers. internationale Normen und gesetzliche Vorgaben ausgelegt und erfüllen dadurch die unterschiedlichsten Bedürfnisse und wechselnden Anforderungen weltweiter Kunden.

Our understanding of quality is not limited to manufacturing. Rather, we apply our high quality standards throughout all areas of the company. Starting with the first customer contact, to the development, planning and project planning, and right up to our comprehensive services. This performance promise presupposes open and constructive communication as well as an open-minded approach when it comes to dealing with one's own weaknesses. For us and our employees, these characteristics are essential features of our corporate culture.

This corporate culture and the sense of responsibility of our valued employees provide the foundation for our mutual future. With a high degree of flexibility and increased innovative strength, we pursue the goal of consistently expanding our market position and mastering new challenges.

Short distances, flat hierarchies and simple communication channels are key prerequisites for a lively exchange of information and knowledge. We at Leukhardt are aware of the benefits provided by this and wish to promote the motivation and self-determined work of our employees with a modern communication policy. We also approach our customers with these values and wish to strengthen customer relationships in the long term.