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Low voltage switchgear installation VarioBlock TN-S accidental arc fault tested

Arc resistance has been essential in medium voltage for many years.  However, comparable regulations had not been applied to low voltage standards until very recently.  Today they form a vital component in the evaluation of low voltage switchgear.  

The ongoing development of our VarioBlock TN series resulted in the accidental arc-tested VarioBlock TN-S.  As with the VarioBlock TN, our switchgear designers are able to plan your switchgear using this highly flexible construction system, guaranteeing that your requirements are met in full.  Switchgear are installed in a variety of configurations, in permanent, plug-in and plate system formats.

  • Circuit breakers in plug-in, plate and permanent installation format.
  • Fuse strips in permanent or plug-in format, installed vertically or horizontally.

The low-voltage switchgear VarioBlock TN-S based on IEC 61439 -1 / -2 and the accidental arc test defined in the IEC 61439-2; Supplementary sheet 1, enables the realization of customer requirements or customer requests.    

Rated value:    
Rated operating voltage   up to 690 V
Rated current   up to 5200 A
Rated short-time withstand current   up to 110 kA
Rated surge withstand strength   up to 242 kA
Rated short-circuit duration   1 s
Arc fault test   110kA / 300 ms
    80kA / 600 ms
Frequency   50/60 Hz
Protection   IP 33/43

Width   600, 800 mm
Depth   600, 800 mm
Height   1950, 2200 mm
Sockel   variabel




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